Friday, July 06, 2007

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

Yeah yeah, I know I'm a boy and am not supposed to be "pretty" but who cares! People are always telling me what a "pretty girl" I am, and I'm secure in my masculinity so I can be pretty if I wanna!

Just a few days ago a little girl came up to me and asked my Mama what my name was. Then she said I looked like a girl (HMPH!). Mama said I was definitely a boy, and the little girl retorted with "I say he looks like a pretty little girl." Silly child!

Just when you think you've heard it all, someone comes up with a real doozy. Someone actually asked if I was a Great Pyrenees! Can you believe it?! I couldn't, and neither could my Mama. I mean come on.....usually I'm mistaken for a German Shepherd and that's bad enough. I look nothing like a shepherd dang it! A Pyr is even farther away. I only weigh 55 pounds, my ears stand up, and I've got much shorter hair than any Pyr I've ever met.

Daddy and Mama have left me all by myself a lot the past few weeks and I'm none too pleased about it. Daddy's Daddy was here for a week 2 weeks ago and they spent almost everyday in DC doing the touristy thing with Daddy's Daddy (my GrandDaddy?). That's okay though, it gave me lots of time to sleep and dream of bunny killin. Then a few days ago Daddy and Mama went away again to go watch fireworks in DC. They were going to take me with them, but they decided to take the train instead of drive so I couldn't come. I'm pretty miffed about that since Mama said there was lots of other dogs there, and I really would have liked to woo at them. Daddy said that next year they'll probably drive and I can go.The pictures I've posted on this entry are shots that Daddy took of me on the Fourth of July while he was testing out his new tripod. I think they turned out really good, I look like a model! Mama got a new camera too, so she'll probably be taking lots of pictures and videos of me. She didn't do many videos before because her old camera didn't take videos with sound. What's the point of that?