Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dog park fun

As promised, Mama took me to the dog park yesterday where I got to run and run for two whole hours! Technically I ran out of gas after the first hour, but I got a fresh burst of energy with every new dog who entered.
I got to play with two boxers, a dogue de bordeaux (Mama says she was frickin cool,whatever that means....I thought it was too warm out myself), a ginormous doberman who was twice my size, a small shiba inu looking thing, a brittany, a border collie, two greyhound crosses and some other dogs I don't remember. I was the only Husky though, I'm always the only Husky.
I did get into a scuffle with one of the boxers, he thought I wanted his frisbee and he snarled and bit me and his human had to pull him off of me and then he threw the stupid ol frisbee over the fence so the dumb boxer wouldn't attack me again. I don't think all boxers are stupid, just ones that think I want their dumb ol toys and then bite me. I've got a whole stack of toys at home that have never had a drop of my saliva on them, I don't need some chewed up plastic frisbee.
All the snow was melted. Mama had hoped the snow would still be there so I could romp in it, but the other humans said the snow melted fast. It was wet and a little muddy, but I didn't care. I usually HATE getting my feety-feets wet, but I was having so much fun running that I didn't care. My nice white coat turned into a dingy grey, but it's nice and clean again now after a little self grooming.
I'm sorry there's no pictures, but you guys can blame Mama for that. She did take the camera, but she forgot to check the batteries before we left and they were dead! Dead! She never gets pictures of me in the park, she always forgets the camera and the one time she remembered it the stupid batteries were dead. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. On a good note, after running and romping and jumping and chasing for two whole hours, I'm not sore a bit! Woooooooooooooooooo! I am tired though, Daddy called me a dead dog all night cuz I couldn't be bothered to move. I was too tired to even lift my head up.

To make up for the lack of pictures from the park, I'm posting pictures of me chewing on a super yummy bullystick ring! Mmmmmm bullystick....

Oh yeah, I updated my link list, please make sure to drop by D'Azul Siberians, Fargo, Franki, Sitka & Tia, and Maverick's blogs if you haven't already. They're super cool!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ice, Snow, and Warm Weather

I've decided I don't like this Virginny place very much. There's not nearly enough snow to suit me! I heard Mama say that our old house had TONS of snow, and that makes me mad! It's been much too warm here, and everytime we get a little bit of snow it goes away in a few days. NOT COOL! We had a big ice storm on that Valentine's Day holiday, the weather people on TV said we got 3 inches of "sleet." Let me tell you, I don't like that sleet stuff AT ALL! I kept slipping and sliding when I was trying to go potty (I was doing a #2 and was sliding backwards!), and I kept falling when I was trying to walk around. And forget about trying to go any faster, I ended up banging my chin into the ice more times than I could count. Mama took some pictures of me outside after it started to warm up and the ice was melting. She also took some pictures that same day of her breaking the cardinal Siberian rule.....she let go of my leash to get some good pictures. No worries though, Mama was only a few feet away from me and I would have had to get past her to go anywhere.

We got more snow a few days ago, I think Mama said we got about 4 inches. It's starting to melt though, the weather outside never really went below 32 degrees, and it was 40 degrees yesterday. It supposed to be even warmer today, like 47 degrees. Mama said she's going to take me to the dog park today to play before it all completely melts. It's almost all slush now, but I'm still going to enjoy it.

Speaking of the dog park, you might remember that I talked about hurting my leg in my last post while I was at the dog park. My leg's been all better for a while, but Mama kept putting off taking me to the park just to make sure. Everytime it looked like my leg was better I would do something and hurt it all over again. It hasn't hurt me in a long time now, so Mama says it's safe for me to go back to the park if I promised not to overdo it again. I don't know what she means, overdo what? Oh well, if it gets me to the park I'll say whatever she wants me to say.

Anyways, Mama said she'll take me to the park when she's done with housework. I'm gonna go make sure she actually does the housework so we can leave!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recovered from the humiliation

Okay folks, after what Mama did to my gorgeous pictures, I had to go hide for a little bit and recover. I'm back now though!

I'm back in Virginny now, me and Mama got back over a week ago. We were supposed to be back a week before we did come back, but Mama had something called the "flu" and she was horkin up constantly! During that time I didn't get nooooo cuddles on the floor. I was so bummed I didn't even spend much time out in the snow! Even though the dog door was open and I coulda gone out anytime I wanted to, I just stayed in the room Mama was sleepin in and slept in my bed.

We went to the dog park a week ago (BTW, there's still no snow here!), but we were only there a half hour and I started limpin. My left foreleg hurt real bad. I was holding it up when I was holding still, but I wasn't done playing yet! I woulda kept on playing and playing for another hour if Mama had let me, but nooooooooooo she put the leash on me and we left. Ugh.

I started feeling better in a few days, but then we went on a walk and when we came back inside I ran around the inside of the house like a crazy dog, and you guessed it.....limping again. More than I was before. Mama gave me some aspirin (in a hotdog, mmmmmmm hotdog!), but that didn't last long. During the big football game I horked up all my foods, and Mama thought the aspirin was bothering my tummy so she didn't give me no more aspirin. I'm still a little sore, but I'm not really limping anymore. I gotta hurry up and get better so Mama will take me to the dog park again! Mama says I need to learn to take it a little bit easier and not push myself more than my body can take......puh-leeze! What does SHE know?