Monday, November 27, 2006

Where's the snow?

Okay, I'm in Michigan and I was really really hoping it would be cold enough to snow here. Far from it, in fact today it was 54 degrees outside! It rained all day yesterday, and my paws got all muddy and wet and I'm just not pleased at all!
There does seem to be some hope, my mama went to her mama's house Saturday and her mama said it's supposed to get really cold Thursday and it might snow. Ha-rooooooo! I'll be sure to let you other dogs know if the snow comes, and I'll make mama take pictures too! Oh what I wouldn't give for some opposable thumbs right about now!

We went back to Michigan the day before the turkey feasting day, and like usual I just slept the whole way except for when mama stopped for her and my potty breaks. I ate half of mama's sandwich when she was in the building, it was a good sandwich. I don't think it was for me, but she left it laying out because she forgot about it. It had pig butt, cheese, deeeejon mustard, tomatoes, and onions on rosemary bread. I didn't eat the maters or onions though, I left those on the back seat for my mama to find. It was super yummy! Hey, I was starving! Mean old mama didn't feed me that morning because she didn't want me to get an upset tummy. Nevermind that I've never ever had an upset tummy. She seemed to think starving me for 10 hours was a good idea. Serves her right to lose half of her yummy sandwich!

Speaking of the turkey feasting day, that must only apply to humans. I sure didn't get no turkey feast! I didn't even get to smell any turkey, I had to stay home while my mama went to her grandmama's house. Something about the house already being full of dogs, and how one more (very furry) dog would be pushing the limits a bit. Apparently mama's grandmama has two little terrier dogs, plus mama's BIG brother would be there with his weimeraner and greyhound. No room for Poseidon. Hmph! I heard stories that mama's brother's greyhound was so scared of one of the little terrier dogs that he had to carry her into the house. Poor girl! Anyways, my mama brought home lots of leftovers from the turkey feasting day, but I didn't get any. My mama doesn't ever give me people food, just pumpkin or yogurt occasionally. How very dull! When you think about it, me eating her silly old sandwich in the car was way overdue!

There's been lots going on lately, today people came to the house and put new carpet in mama and daddy's old bedroom. They want the house to look it's best for when they sell it. I'm apparently never ever ever allowed to go in that room anymore, because the carpet is bright white and I almost always have dirty paws from going out the doggy door and working on my tunnel to Siberia. The guys putting in the carpet today said they were even afraid to install it because it's so white! I've been sniffing around the doors to the room, and it smells funny now. I've been assured that the room is completely empty, so there's nothing in there I could possibly want. It still smells funny though, and that means one of my routes to the dog door is gone. There's a big glass sliding door going from the bedroom to the enclosed porch, and I used to use that room as a shortcut. Now I have to go through the living room, through the kitchen and dining room, and then all the way to the other end of the enclosed porch to go outside. It's pretty darn inconvenient!
Mama also found out that under the old carpet was really really nice hardwood floors. She says if she'd known that she wouldn't have gotten carpet. Daddy didn't even know there was hardwood under there, because the old carpet was there when he bought the house. I would have liked the hardwood better, because then I would be allowed to go in there. Plus I like the sound of my nails clicking on the wood floor that we've got in the enclosed porch, so I know I would have liked it in the bedroom too. It's great for running around in at night when mama's sleeping. She can hear it really well and it keeps her awake when I've got the zoomies!

Oooooooooh! Mama ordered pizza and it just got here. I'm gonna go stare at her until she either gives me some or kicks me out of the room!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm electric, baby!

Last night mama and daddy were sitting on the couch, and I was snoozing between the couch and the sofa. I decided to get up for a drink of water, and so I got up and streeeetched real good and proceeded to make my way out from between the two pieces of furniture. My nose touched the rowing maching (that's still sitting in the living room taking up valuable Sibe space) and I got shocked! I let out a big ol yelp and scared the humans because it was so loud. Daddy says "Oh, he got shocked" and mama asked me if I was okay......and THEN.....the rowing maching TURNED ON! All by itself! I didn't go anywhere near the control pad thingy, that was on the other end of the machine and above my head. It just turned on! So yeah, I'm an electric doggy!

Mama confused the heck out of me yesterday afternoon! She took the suitcase out of the closet and started packing clothes and stuff in it. This of course meant that I had to follow mama around and make sure I was never more than two feet away from her at any time. Can't have her leaving me behind, right? So everything progresses as it normally does; she loads stuff in the car, gets my bowls packed up, takes me for a quick potty walk and loads me in the car. I crash out in the back seat like I always do because I know it's a loooong drive to our old house. I heard mama's cell phone thingy ringing, but didn't really pay much attention to it. Next thing I know we're back at the new house again! Huh? What happened? Why are we back here? Apparently daddy called mama and suggested we stay one more day and go back on wednesday. Personally, if she wanted to take me for a car ride she didn't need to make excuses and pack up stuff to do it. Just put me in the car and take a cruise. Silly humans!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Upgraded to beta

Well I changed my template, and then I decided to cross my fingers and switch to the new version. Just in case, I copied my template info to notepad in case the whole thing went *poof!* Well I'm glad I did because all of my links, chatbox, and my husky bloggers icon disappeared! It was an easy fix since I'd saved the info, just a matter of copying and pasting the info back. So far I don't notice many changes, so I can't say if all the "new blogger" hype has been worth it or not.

Edit: Holy hotdogs! My profile info somehow ended up below my links, and my chatbox is missing yet I can see the last thing entered in the cbox at the very top of my page! Must fix this, thankfully I saved a copy of the template!

Edit x2: Blogger won't accept my old template, gave me this message: " Your template could not be parsed as it is not well-formed. Please make sure all XML elements are closed properly.
XML error message: The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup."

Uh.....come again? I'm NOT HAPPY!

Did I mention that the links are visible on my blog, yet I can't find them in the html code? I kid no not puparoos! What I'm gonna do is revert back to the classic template (aka "before updating the template to be compatible with beta") and delete the links there, then reupdate the template and add them again using beta's feature.

Crossing my paws!

Final Edit: Yippee! Everything's all fixed and looking good, harooooo!

Blogger is stupid! (Sorry Tubey, it needed to be said and you weren't around).

Baaaaad to the Bone!

Bbbbbad! Oh yeah, that's me! Now that mama's recovered mostly from her tooth surgeon visit, I can get back on track to being a true husky!
Last night on my potty walk I was being sooo good, everytime mama stopped I turned and looked at her and sat so very gracefully without even being asked. Little did mama know that I was just biding my time for the right moment. I'd already sniffed her pockets, so I knew there weren't any of those tasty liver treats in any of them. I just had to wait for the right time.
Well, I was sniffin around a bush at the entrance to one of the buildings, and what appeared? A tiny brown terrier thing and his human! The tiny brown terrier thing was on a looooong leash, one of those flexi things that mama refuses to use because if I were to suddenly take off after a bird or something mama doesn't think she could keep hold of the silly plastic handle. Anyways, I saw the terrier thing and the terrier thing saw me and we both ran straight for each other! I think the terrier thing's human almost got pulled down the stairs, it took a long time for the human to get out the entrance. Mama had quite a struggle to get me close to her, cuz I was bouncing and jumping and pulling and wooing for all I was worth! I even ended up bouncing into mama and almost knocking her down!
Needless to say, mama was NOT pleased with me at this point. She managed to get hold of my collar and pull me away a few feet, and then she growled at me to "sit your furry little butt down right now!" She sounded serious, so I gave a few more woos and then sat down. Now, I know how long I've got to sit before mama gets annoyed, approximately 6 seconds between the "sit" and when I finally plop my butt on the ground. So I carefully counted to 6 and then very gracefully sat (while staring at the little brown terrier thing) and I wooed very quietly just to show mama that she's not the boss of me. I figured that since she supplies the food and walkies, that I should probably not push my luck toooooo much.

Speaking of food, I recently got put on some new food. I used to eat Canidae, and now mama's been feeding me Nutro Ultra. It's good stuff, but to be honest I'll eat anything. I'd probably even eat "crap in a bag" like Pedigree or Science Diet. I've got a cast iron stomach, nothing bothers me! But mama says I only get to eat "human grade food." I'm not sure what that means, cuz mama never gives me any of her food. I mean come on, I ate a sweatshirt a few weeks ago!

Ooooooh I hear my leash jingling, must be time for my morning walk! Woo at ya later!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Siberian World Domination

Check this out! True Husky domination propoganda! Click on any of the pictures to go to the site.

If you can't read this last one, it says "Your honor student is merely a pawn in my Siberian Husky's world domination plot!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Ten Peeves that Dogs Have About Humans

This was posted on Mama's favorite Boxer forum, and I decided that I needed to put it on my blog.

Ten Peeves that Dogs Have About Humans

1. Blaming your farts on me...not funny...not funny at all !!!
2. Yelling at me for barking.
3. Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out.
Exactly whose walk is this anyway?
4. Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose. Stop it!
5. Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you're not home.
6. The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog!
Whoooo Hoooooooo what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.
7. Taking me to the vet for "the big snip", then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back!
8. Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet.
9. Dog sweaters. Hello ??? Haven't you noticed the fur?
10. How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know the truth. You're just jealous.
Now lay off me on some of these things,
We both know who's boss here!!!
You don't see me picking up your poop do you ???

Anyhoo, things have been kind of boring here. Mama's feeling better, though the right side of her face is still swollen and sore. This means we're back to my normal walks, which is a good thing. Yesterday I was peeing on a bush and there was a dachsund to the right of me and my friend Cody to the left, and I didn't know who to woo at first! So I ended up just peeing and whimpering.
I just did some updating on my blog, added more blogs that I like and I also joined the Husky bloggers ring. I'd been meaning to do that stuff for a while, I just never got around to it.
Mama's thinking about creating a Husky forum if she gets the ambition. She loves the boxer forum she's addicted to, but thinks it'd be nice to have a Husky forum too. She's searched and searched online but hasn't found one anywhere! Can you believe it? As gorgeous as us Huskies are, and we don't have a forum? The one she did find had a horrible format and she didn't like it. So keep any eye out my Husky friends, mama might do it!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Mama's high....

Yep, it's true. My mama's on nar-cot-ics. She's had this tooth that's been bothering her for more than a month and it finally got bad enough for her to go see a tooth doctor. She was hiding it from daddy cuz she didn't want to bother him, but finally she ended up crying like a little girl when they were sitting on the couch. He got mad that she didn't tell him about it sooner, and he gave her a lecture and made her go to the tooth doctor.

So last Wednesday she went to the tooth doctor and he told her that her wisdom tooth is all infected and needed to come out! They couldn't get a tooth surgeon to do it that day, so he gave mama some Vicodin to make her feel better until the next day. Let me tell ya, it's super easy to yank your human around when her legs are all wobbly and she can barely stand! The bad part was that mama didn't really take me for a walk, she just kinda walked outside and held the leash while I walked in a circle around her. I made lots of circles and got her really dizzy! Then when I was good and ready I pullllled and she almost fell on her face!

Then the next day she went to the tooth surgeon and he took that icky tooth out of my mama's mouth and gave her more nar-cot-ics and some anti-biot-ics to get rid of the infection. Mama's takin me for more walks now, because the tooth surgeon also gave her some pills for pain that don't make her all loopy. She saves the loopy pills for bedtime now. I think she's still taking the loopy pills more than she says she is though, cuz she cries for no reason at all now. Her and daddy will be sitting on the couch and she'll just start cryin for no good reason! Seriously, she doesn't even know why she's cryin, she just does it! I think maybe she's cryin cuz she lost some of her wisdom.

Mama's still got 2 more wisdom teeth that need to come out, but she decided not to get those taken out yet. Guess she needs all the wisdom she can get to deal with a husky! Woooo!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Driving her nuts!

So I've been reading other Husky blogs a lot, and I realized I've become a failure. I don't drive my mama nearly crazy enough! In an effort to redeem myself to Huskykind, I've decided to start returning to Husky values.

Today on our morning walk I howled, bounced, and pulled in every direction. This had the effect of my mama mumbling under her breath about wanting to strangle me. Now, I know she's just talk and wouldn't actually strangle me, so I continued. I saw a little Yorkie and proceeded to woo at earsplitting volume when mama wouldn't let me pounce the little furball. This did not get the reaction I had hoped for. The Yorkie's human laughed at me! Of all things, she LAUGHED! However, I could see mama's face getting red though I couldn't tell if it was from frustration or embarassment.

I even forsake the liver treats that were in mama's pocket in order to be a true Husky! I completely ignored everything she said or did. If she said "watch me" I'd look the exact opposite direction. If she told me to sit I bounced off towards the nearest tree (or as close to it as I could get, stupid leash!).

It may not seem like much, but it's a start. I think tonight I'll "accidently" tip over a glass of wine with my tail. That'll show her I mean business!

Friday, November 03, 2006

On eating things....

We all know how much huskies love to eat. For young pups, this could be anything. For us older fellows, we usually prefer to only eat yummy tasting things. I merged both when I decided to eat mama's brand new red sweatshirt while she went to the bank. I just couldn't help myself, the pocket smelled like liver! Mama was NOT happy, she even yelled at me! That wasn't nice, and I went and hid under the end table until she apologized. It didn't take her long cuz she felt really bad about it and all. Mama took pictures of the evidence, most likely for blackmail purposes. Notice I chewed up the inside AND the outside. I wanted liver!

When mama took me for my potty walk the next night, I had a really really hard time "going" (this is so embarassing to type about!) and then mama started to get scared. When she first looked at the shirt she thought she found all the pieces to it laying next to it. When we got back into the house after my walk she inspected the shirt again and found out there were more holes in the sweatshirt than there were pieces of fabric. She thinks I swallowed some pieces of fabric. She's been watching me like a hawk, and she put canola oil in my food yesterday morning (somebody told her that was a good idea. I liked the taste of it, so I'm not complaining). I thought she was gonna breakdance or something last night when I pooped, crazy lady. No sign of any sweatshirt pieces, but I'm pooping normally so mama's not quite so worried. She's still keeping an eye on me though. Mama got really scared because one of the members of her doggy forum (Boxer Dog Crazy) just had to have her beautiful boy sent over the bridge because he ate something he shouldn't have. You guys can read about Hugo on his page. As much fun as it is to chew on things, it's really not a good idea (hear that Macie and Malechai?) because it can do really bad things to you and it makes your people really really sad. Mama still cries everything she thinks about poor Hugo, and she's not sure if posting Hugo's story is in bad form or not, but she thinks it's good to get the word out about how dangerous eating things can be for us doggies. So pay attention and don't make your humans go through what Hugo's mama is going through.

I'm back!

Awooooooooo! That's right friends, strangers, and everyone in between! Poseidon is back online! You'll all have to blame my stupid mama, me and her went to the old house for a month and had daddy's laptop and she forgot my login info! And then to top it all off, she was too busy "cleaning" and "painting" to bother having blogger send her the info! Can you believe that? A husky has needs you know, and this is one of them!

Anyways, I had a pretty good time at our old house. It even snowed on two different days! The first time, the snow stayed all night long! There wasn't very much of it, and it melted the next day, but I sure loved to lay in it when it was there! And then there was this guy that mama said came to measure the house for new carpets. He was nice and scratched my fluff a whole lot, but then he wasn't so nice and called me a lazybones. Hmph! Just because a dog likes to sleep doesn't make him a lazy bones. Mama didn't even stick up for me, she just told him that I mostly just lay around the house and sleep anyways. Um....hello lady, I'm not a young pup anymore!

So then we go back to our new house in Virginny and I got to see my daddy again! I love my daddy, he adopted me from the rescue place. That was really nice of him because the man that had me before I went to the rescue place wasn't very nice to me. Anyways, that's in the past and my daddy is great!

Have you other dogs ever had liver treats? I never had until mama went and bought me a great big tub of them! She didn't give me any until we got back to our new house though, because they're my outside training treats. I didn't have issues outside at our old house, just at the new house because there's so many dogs and people around and I want them all to pay attention to me! So mama got me these training treats as a reward for being a good boy. The problem is I never know when I'm gonna get one or not. Mama works me off of mainly hand signals, and her signal for "sit" is a closed fist. Well, I can never tell if mama has a treat in that hand or not! So sometimes I sit down real quick expecting a tasty piece of liver and I get nothin but a "good boy." That's nice to hear and all, but I can't help thinking I got cheated. I'm showing her who's boss though. Sometimes I'll pretend I don't hear her say "watch me" and just go about my Husky business sniffing and such. That way I can ignore those stupid hand signals and just keep having fun. The down side of that is that I don't get any liver at all if I do that! It's kind of troubling now that I think about it. Maybe ignoring her isn't such a good idea after all.

Mama took these pictures of me earlier in the week (with no liver treats) when she took me to the tennis courts. No dog park yet because the other humans told her that people patrol the parks regularly, and I don't have my Virginny license yet and the humans lost my rabies tag so I've got to get a new one.
It was a little warmer than I like it that day, mama said it was 72 degrees outside! All you other huskies know that that is just way unacceptable! I mean come on! Look at my coat! You don't ever see humans wearing their coats in the summertime! I had fun though, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

Mama took some other pictures that day that she really likes, and they do make me look quite gorgeous if I do say so myself (and I do)! Notice how nicely I'm sitting? That's because mama tricked me. I was almost sure that she had yummy liver treats in her hand, but it turns out I was wrong and my efforts were wasted. Oh well, maybe next time.
There's a gazebo thingy in between the two tennis courts, and mama thought they'd make a pretty picture so she had me pose with the gazebo.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Lots of dogs!

Oh man oh man, have I had a good weekend or what! I met this dog named Gracie, she's pretty cool for an older gal. She kinda looks like a sausage, but she's so sweet! I made sure to be very nice to her, no jumping around or anything like that, just lots of licks and sniffs. Mama said I was very polite and she was very proud of me, awooo! I see Gracie and her human twice a day, and each time we gets to sniff and lick each other. I stand there and wait for Gracie's human to bring her over; actually it's more like Gracie dragging her human to me cuz she's just soooo excited!

And then there's Cody. Cody's a rough and tumble yellow lab puppy, and he's got the energy that goes along with that. He's alllllll legs and no body, his human said he's just under a year old. Cody's human said it was nice to see another young dog around that Cody can bounce around with. Mama had to spoil it and tell the human that I'm not a puppy, I'm 9, and that I'm not used to seeing so many dogs all the time, having spent most of my life in the country and stuff. She actually had the nerve to INSULT me by saying I get outside and my "brain falls out of my ear" and that we're "working on that." What? Working on what? I think I act just fine! I do the sit thing, and the down thing, and the stay thing perfectly! But mama says that those same rules apply outside as well. Silly mama. Cody was lots and lots of fun to play with, we bounced and jumped and got our leashes all tangled up. See how nice we are? We made sure the humans didn't get lazy by letting them just stand there. No lazy humans!

Cody's daddy told us that he takes Cody to one of the tennis courts to run around in since they're fenced. So Saturday afternoon my mama took me to the tennis courts to run around. I didn't run much, I pretty much just stayed on the far end of the court. The house nearby had 2 weiner dogs and 2 big dogs that were barking at me, so I made sure to stay at the end of the court over by them just so I could keep an eye on them. I got tired quick though, and then I went back to mama and laid down by her feet for a rest. I like the tennis courts, but I wanna go to this "dog park" mama keeps talking about. She says we still can't go there yet cuz I still don't have a Virginny license, just my Michigan one.

Sunday, daddy and mama went to the store (without me!) and came back with more bags of stuff. Once again, nothing for Poseidon. I'm starting to get frustrated. Mama even got a big stuffed bear and said it was "the softest thing EVER made!" Of course, daddy had to spoil the whole thing by reminding mama not to leave it within my reach or else I'll think it's mine. Silly humans! Did they forget the part of my personality where I don't play with toys? Especially large stuffed bears! Maybe I'll try to get it now, just to shred it out of spite. What do you guys think? Think he looks shreddable?

Speaking of things that are annoying me lately......there's this thing. You see this thing? This is the brand new "super cool, pro quality" rowing maching that daddy just got, and that he's oh so proud of. Now, normally I wouldn't care about this thing being in my space. However, for a while it blocked the middle of the living room and I had to hop over it to go from one end of the room to the other. That was bad enough, but now they've decided to put it here, right where I like to sleep. They were only going to put it together in the living room, it wasn't supposed to stay there! It's supposed to go into one of the guest bedrooms, but the boxes of books (that they've still not unpacked) are hogging up all the space. See my daddy's bike? That's also taking up prime real-estate. He hasn't yet decided where to put it, so there it's been since they started moving stuff in. Mama's bike is in one of the spare rooms out of the way, but daddy's bike doesn't have a kickstand and he doesn't wanna lean it against a wall. Mama suggested he put the bikes on the patio, but he looked at her like she was nuts. Something about how he's not gonna leave his big fancy expensive bike out on the patio for someone to steal. Mama suggested a lock, but he says locks are too easy to break or cut or something. So everytime I wanna go out on the patio with mama, I have to walk around that goofy bike.

I met yet another doggy yesterday! She's a plump 50 pound gal named Anya. Anya came from a shelter, so that kinda makes us related or something since I came from a rescue. Anya and her humans (and their cute baby human) just moved in a week ago and Anya's not used to living in an apartment either. She had a great big yard at their old house just like I did. Her human said she's lacking a bit in the manners department too. I bounced around with her for a while until she started humping my head, then I ran around and hid behind mama. Her human was sooooo embarassed, it was hilarious! I tried to hump her too, but my goofy mama said that was impolite and wouldn't let me do it. Even after I was tired of playing and just wanted to flop down next to mama, Anya kept trying to get me to play. She kept jumping on my head, and hitting my face with her paws, and I didn't much care for that, but I took it all gracefully. Mama said she was really proud of how well I behaved since I usually am ready to keep going as long as the other dog is in sight.

Manners. Why are humans so obsessed with manners? Mama says I need to learn that those silly "sit, down, stay, watch me" things still apply outside the house. So this morning on our morning potty walk she worked with me on that. Since I'll do just about anything for a snack, mama cut up one of my favorite snacks into bite-sized pieces (why? I want a whole one!) and of course I plopped my butt down when told to, and watched her when she told me to. Laying down was an effort in frustration, but I did it. I even stayed until she gave me the "okay" word. Mama says it needs more work, especially when there are more distractions like other dogs and stuff, but she said she's going to PetSmart today to get me some new treats just for this purpose. Ones that she doesn't have to cut up. She said daddy spoiled me, and so all my commands were rusty when mama met me. Thanks to her I follow house rules perfectly, and eventually I'll get the outside rules to stick in my head too.

Oops! Gotta go! Mama said she's gonna take me to the tennis courts later, I'm gonna go bug her until we go!

Friday, September 22, 2006


It's been kinda cool here in VA lately, yippee! Mama says it only got to 70 yesterday, and that suits me just fine. Mama said people in the store yesterday was complainin about it bein cold, and mama thinks they're nuts. In MI it's only been in the 50's-60's, so she still thinks it's warm here. The weather humans on the tv this morning said it's s'posed to get up to 80 this weekend, I plan on lounging around the house if that happens.

Mama took some new pictures of me a few days ago, notice the packing boxes and stuff. Mama says they need to figure out where to put the bookcase so they can start unpacking books. Most of the stuff still in boxes is books, and daddy's speakers and stereo equipment. I hope they get that stuff taken care of soon, it's taking up valuable sleeping space!

Mama was mean to me yesterday morning. There was all these dogs outside, and I wasn't allowed to play with any of 'em! She made me stand still cuz I wasn't walking nicely like I always do. She said if I couldn't walk like a gent'lman, then I wasn't gonna walk at all. See what I mean? She's a big meanie-head! I wanted to play and visit with all the dogs, and she was concerned about manners. Manners schmanners. I finally decided to be a "good boy" just cuz I had to pee real bad and I was tired of crossing my legs and all. I still let out a few good woos and wistful looks in the other doggy's directions though. My manliness didn't go unnoticed, I saw a pretty Cocker Spaniel checkin' me out, SCORE! Not my type really, but I'll take what I can get.

During our afternoon walk, a man and his cute 2 year old daughter spotted me and came over to say hello and tell me how gorgeous I am (duh). As soon as the little girl started to pet me, I
flopped over on my side to enjoy it. The man laughed and called me a "big baby." I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, since mama calls me that too. The man said I have beautiful eyes, and that he's never seen a doggy with eyes so pretty as mine. Yup, I'm a hunk, even the humans fall for me!

Then last night, mama and daddy took stuff out to the trash and since it was time for my bedtime potty break, I got to go with them. Normally daddy doesn't go with me and mama on our potty breaks, but this box they took out to the trash was waaaaay bigger than mama (they gots a new rowing machine, whatever that is) so daddy went with us to take the ginormous box outside. While we were there, this nice man came by with a cool English Bulldog named "Fat Boy." I dunno why he was named that, he wasn't fat. He sure was muscular though! He made me look like kind of a wimp. His human said he was almost 80 pounds. 80 pounds! Can you believe it? I'm lots taller than he is, and I only weigh 55 pounds! The nice human man gave me lots of pets and FINALLY I gots to play with another dog! Fat Boy was cool, we sniffed and play bowed and jumped and had lots of fun! I was a little jealous though, cuz the other human let go of Fat Boy's leash so we didn't get tangled up. Mama had to keep holdin onto mine though, cuz I can't be trusted not to run off after a squirrel or birds or traffic or somethin. Traffic looks like fun, but mama says it's a big time no-no. Anyways, I gots to play with Fat Boy for almost 10 minutes, then his human had to go and we did too. Daddy and mama had to go to bed, but I made sure to walk around the house givin a few mournful woos cuz I wanted to go play with Fat Boy some more. The humans just ignored me though, so I decided to take a few mouthfuls of food to their room and crunch them up extra noisily just so they could feel my displeasure. I'm usually not a vindictive dog, but I was extra mad!

I looked for Fat Boy this morning, but I didn't see him outside during my morning walk. Maybe I'll see him again tonight, that would be so much fun!

Anyways, I've been tagged by Dakota, so now I gotta list 5 things that make a good doggy friend.
  1. A good doggy friend never gets too "personal" during sniffing sessions, if ya know what I mean. I like a good sniff just as much as any dog, but if ya spend too much time in one particular area, then that's rude. 'Specially if ya keep going back to that area.
  2. A good doggy friend knows that what's mine is mine; and what's yours is probably also mine.
  3. A good doggy friend is always up for a good pounce and lick.
  4. A good doggy friend knows that the humans sometimes get lost in bathrooms, and will keep watch over the door just in case their help with "search and rescue" is needed.
  5. A good doggy friend will share the blame in any mishaps, i.e. damaged pillows, leather goods, etc.
I'm tagging Hannah, Hobo, Kimmy, Minou, and Cubby!

Monday, September 18, 2006


Wahoo! I'm in my new house in Virginny for a couple more weeks before we gots to go back and get more stuff and so more repairs at the old house. Mama brought her computer this time so I don't have to try and sneak on one of daddy's puters. Mama took a few pictures during our road trip. I had just gotten in the car, and I was rarin ta go! In this second pic, we STILL hadn't started moving! I don't know why she waited so long, could be cuz she had that goofy ol camera stuck to her face. What is it with humans and those camera things? You don't see dogs carrying them around taking pictures of humans all the time! Maybe it's because of those opposable thumbs they all seem so proud of.

We stopped during the drive so I could potty and drink some water, and a really nice man said I was a "pretty girl." Mama told the man that I'm a male, and thanked him (why's she thanking him? He complimented ME!), but he just told her that he doesn't speak English and repeated that I was a "pretty girl." Mama just smiled real big and said thank you. I wonder if he speaks Dog? I didn't try to find out, maybe I should have. After all, my masculinity was in question!

We got to our new house and said hello to daddy, and then mama left me inside while she went out to her car to get some stuff. I think daddy was kind of hurt cuz I just sat at the door and waited for mama, he says that I don't care about him anymore, even though I've been with him for 6 years and have only known mama for 1 year. But mama spends lots more time with me, a dog's gotta have his priorities right? She's the holder of the treats, and the food, and the leash!

Mama and daddy went out for a long time yesterday, and when they came back they had lots of stuff! Nothing for me though, selfish people. Daddy bought mama a new computer desk and chair, some rugs, and lots of other stuff. I checked every bag just in case, but nope. Nothing for me. They should be glad I don't claw people, like other Huskies do. It was very tempting though! Maybe I'll hire a doggy hitman to claw these goofy humans for me.

I've been tagged by Moonshadow and Beasley. Here's 5 things about me:
  1. I don't play. Mama keeps buying me toys in hopes that I'll play with 'em, but no such luck. I do have a "evil stinkin kitty" toy I stash in a particular corner of the house when thrown, but that's it. I want it in that corner and I wish they'd stop stealing it just to throw it! Mama bought me a "good cuz" and that's kinda cool when it squeaks and bounces, but after that initial sniff I just don't care.
  2. I have no concept of the word "bath." You can say it all day long, I don't know what it means. I can always tell when mama's gonna bathe me cuz it's the only time she uses the shower sprayer. As soon as I hear her hooking it up, I'm gone! She usually has to get me out from my den under the doghouse. Once she gets my front legs in the tub though, then I'll just hop in and hang my head looking all pathetic. Mama says I'm the only dog she's ever known that didn't run when the word "bath" was spoken. She says her mama's showdogs even knew how to spell it!
  3. I'm a late riser. It's extremely rare for me to be awake before 11am. I need my rest!
  4. When it's real quiet at night, after the humans have gone to bed, I like to take a mouthful of dog food to their room and crunch it. It makes a lot of noise and keeps them awake. You other dogs should try it sometime, it's fun!
  5. I've got a ferret friend named Rally. I was real scared of him at first, he likes to chase me and sometimes he plays waaay too rough! Mama puts him in time out when he bites my ears. I loves him, even if he is a pain in the butt. I just wish he would be as gentle with me as I am with him!
I'm tagging Cyrus the English Bulldog, Belle the Pomeranian (cuz Poms are adorable!), Ender the American Eskimo (I met one at PetSmart, he was so cool!), Spirit the Weimaraner (Mama's brother has a Weim named Zoe), and Sophia Nicole the Maltese (Cuz mama says they have the softest hair EVER).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Going on the long drive....

Me and mama are gonna go take that long drive to that Virginny place tomorrow morning. We haven't seen daddy in almost two whole weeks and we miss him lots. 'Specially mama, she's been real quiet and gets all excited when the phone rings. She even cried once, but I think that had more to do with the fact that she had to climb a ladder to finish painting, and she's 'fraid of ladders. I woulda caught her if she'd fallen, except she wasn't letting me in that room. Something about paint all over the doggy fur and messed up walls. Silly mama, I'm not that clumsy!

Mama finally took a break from all that "work" she's been doin on the house and took me for a nice long walk yesterday! We musta walked for over an hour, and boy was I tired by the time we got home! She laughed at me and said I was "draggin ass, " whatever that means. I sure do love those walks! I can hear mama pick up my leash no matter where I'm at, and I just get sooooo excited! I bounce up and down (keeping my distance from mama of course, I'm not rude) and I give lil howls. Mama says it's really cute, but she still insists I keep 4 on the floor and plop my butt on the ground before she'll hook the leash up. Manners are boring, I wanna go outside!

Anyways, Imma gonna set this blog thing so that the comments aren't moderated since I don't know when I'm gonna get round to checkin on this thing again. I'll just trust that nobody's gonna say any stupid mean things. I'm a trustworthy guy an all. We probably won't be back to this house for at least two weeks, and I'm not so sure daddy will let me use any of his computers. He's even pickier than mama about the keyboard being coated in dog hair.

So until then....may your nose be wet, your eyes bright, and your tail waggin!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

On Moving....

So here's the thing.....I've lived in this house here for 6 years, and from what I understand I'm not gonna live here for very much longer. We're doing something called "moving" where everything in the house goes in boxes and then stacked all over the house for the sheer purpose of impeding my movement. It's rediculous, I've gotta change the way I walk in the house because there's boxes stacked and I have to go around them! The human people put lots and lots of boxes and the big furniture into a truck, and then mama put me in her car and we drove a long long ways. I'm not sure how long it was, because I slept most of the way (mama says I was in a "coma") but trust me, it was long!

Mama says we have to do this moving thing because daddy's company that he worked for for 10 years "laid off" tons of people in our state and this new state gave daddy a new job that's tons better. The new state we're going to live in is called Virginia, but I'm not sure exactly where that's at because I don't study geography. I do know one thing though, and that is that it is HOT there! The dirt is weird too, it makes my pretty white paws all red. There's some cool things and some not so cool things about moving, and I'm gonna take the time and talk about them right here.

Not cool things:
  • New place doesn't have a doggy door! Of all the horrors!
  • Boxes stacked all over the house making me have to go around them.
  • Daddy's gone to his new job, so it's just me and mama at the old house
  • We load up in the car and go on that long drive almost every week
  • Mama doesn't give me nearly enough attention cuz she's "busy" doing stuff to the house
  • It's HOT outside!
  • No fence at the new house, so I have to be on leash all the time
  • New house is a little bit smaller

Cool things:
  • New house has more windows to look out of
  • Mama takes me for lots more walks
  • There's lots of dogs outside all the time, but I'm not allowed to play with them
  • Mama says there's two "dog parks" real close by! Aaaaaooooooo!
  • There's a big patio thing that's really good to lounge on in the mornings and nights (when it's not too hot outside)
  • Mama says there's two big bathtubs instead of one (not entirely sure that's a cool thing on second thought)
  • Everybody we see on our walks wants to pet me (unless they're scared of me) because I'm just soooo gorgeous!
  • There's a beautiful German Shepherd girl that I get to howl at every morning (Hopefully mama will let me meet her someday and I can be more polite).
  • There's a walking/jogging/biking path that stretches real far so mama can take me for even longer walks (again, when it's not too hot).

I think that's it for now, I'm gonna go outside and add an addition to my den. Happy Digging!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I've got a blog!

I'm not entirely sure what a "blog" is, but I have one. Apparently I'll be able to "post" and share stuff with the whole entire world! I'll be famous! Mama says she's gonna type and I'm gonna "dictate" (whatever that means) so that I don't get the keyboard coated in hair. Hate to tell her this, but she's gotta sleep sometime. I'm sure I can figure out this whole computer thing and do my own typing!

Here's some pics of the glory that is I! Mama took some new pictures, but they're trapped in the camera at the moment. Silly human left that USB cable thingy at our new house in Virginia.

Mama took this picture after she and daddy came home to find out I'd raided the garbage. See the piece of plastic by my head? She pretended to be really mad, but she was laughing. I used to never ever get in the garbage, but for some reason I decided a few months ago that it would be really fun. They've taken away my fun though, now they put the garbage in the garage so I can't get to it. Oh yeah, in case anybody wonders why there was so much freakin hair there (other than the fact that I shed loads and loads all the time) mama got lazy and didn't vacuum the rugs in the enclosed porch for TWO WHOLE DAYS! I know, can you believe it???

I've got a doggy door, which is great! My favorite thing to do out in the yard is dig dig dig dig, and dig some more! I've even got my own doghouse outside, which is wonderful for digging under. See? I've made myself a nice lil den under there. Daddy moved the house because he thought it might fall on me one of these days, but I just started a new den.

Mama says this last picture of me makes me look like a devil dog. I just think she needs to get some photography skills!