Sunday, January 21, 2007

She did it again!

Holly dear, this isn't your fault. Mama would have just seen it on someone else's blog and done it anyways. That being said, SHE DID IT AGAIN!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I've been humiliated!

Now, I've got nothing against pirates. In fact, I like pirates a lot. However, I feel that my impersonation of a pirate isn't nearly up to real pirate standards. Captain Maverick would understand of course. You all have Holly's people to thank for this. I'm going to go attempt to find this freakin parrot and defeather him!

Grumble grumble....first she makes me wear a sweatshirt, then she gives me a bath, and now this....Grumble grumble

Poseidon the Red


We got to our old house in Michigan Monday night, and when Mama let me out of the car I saw....SNOW! WooWoo!!!!! Mama had to practically drag me from the car to the house because I wanted to play. I didn't think that was very nice, but Mama kept mumbling something about it being eleven o'clock at night and her being tired. I didn't care, there is SNOW here! She opened up my doggy door though, and I slept all night out in the snow. Who needs a comfy bed? I had the best bed outside in the cold fluffy white stuff.Mama took me out in the big yard yesterday (my fenced part isn't very big) and let me run around. She left her regular digi cam in Virginny, but she got some decent pictures of me romping in the snow with her cell phone. She got some video too, but she needs to convert the video to another format and she doesn't have that software on Daddy's laptop.

All I've got to say is it's about time we saw snow! Mama's not too happy, she hates snow, but she likes seeing me happy with it. Too bad we're going back to Virginny on Tuesday, there's no snow there yet!

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys.....on our first stop during the long drive to MI, I PEED on my Mama's shoe! I was sniffing around, trying to find the perfect spot and I've tried to pee on Mama before and for some reason she won't let me. Anyways, I saw her looking at something and I figured that was my chance. She jumped backwards so fast when she felt me peeing on her shoe, it was hilarious! Of course I couldn't laugh at her because I had to act like it was an accident. Otherwise she definitely wouldn't accidently leave yummy things within my reach.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Good and the Bad

Okay folks, I've had a good week and a bad week.

The good part was that on Tuesday mama finally got me my Virginny license! She took me with her to the doggy license place, and then she put the license on me and......wait for it........she took me to the DOG PARK! Wooooooo! That's right, uh huh, oh yeah! Sorry there's no pictures, but mama didn't bring the camera with us because she didn't want to be distracted with the camera seeing as how this was my first visit to the park. She wanted to make sure I was a good boy. We were there for a whole hour and a half, and I ran and ran and ran and ran get the point. There was about 10 other dogs there, and I got to run with ALL of them, it was great! There were two beagles, those guys are funny. They don't bark, but they don't howl like a proper dog should either. That's right, I think all dogs should woo and talk like us huskies do! This one beagle, he kept going up to all the other dogs, one at a time, and doing what mom called "baying." If a doggy wasn't playing with him, he'd just stand in front of them and bay at them. Then he'd make his way to the next doggy. I had so much fun guys, I just can't believe mom finally took me to the park! Let's see who else I can remember.......there was a boxer pup, an american bulldog, a sheltie (who stuck to herself on one end cuz she was scared), a bearded collie, a lab pup (alll legs and big paws), the two beagles, a beagle mix, a border collie, a bull terrier/pit cross (she was like a tank!) and a couple other dogs I can't remember.
I can't wait to go again, mama says she might take me later on today, and this time she'll bring the camera with her. I was sooooo tired Tuesday night and most of Wednesday, I didn't do anything but sleep the whole time. I couldn't even be bothered to raise my head to look at mama when she talked to me. The sleepy pictures I posted are ones mama took of me all tuckered out from the park.

And then there's the bad part of my week.....

Mama gave me a BATH yesterday! Oh yes she did, the evil evil woman! She said I was filthy (yeah, like she knows?), and I haven't had a bath since the summer. I'd like to know what gives humans the right to just throw us in the tub? Just because they feel a need to bathe every day and wash off their natural scent, doesn't mean we have to too! I have to admit, I had to laugh a little bit when mama spent 15 minutes trying to get my undercoat soaked by pouring cup fulls of water on me. She left the evil shower sprayer attachment in MI, so she had to use the cup. She realized that wasn't going to work, so she ended up turning on the shower and getting in with me! Eeeeek! Here I thought she would just give up and let me out. Hrmph! Don't be fooled by the pictures, I may have looked docile but I kept trying to creep to the edge of the tub to make my escape! Even if that escape would have only been as far as the big room mama calls a "closet."

Of course I spent lots of time grooming myself when she finally let me out, because I was alll wet (ewwwwww) and my coat was all messed up too. I tried to demand that mama brush me, but she said no brushing until I was dry. She never brushes me when I'm wet, always saying something about breaking hairs off. Hopefully she brushes me this morning, I was still damp last night when mama and daddy went to sleep.

Anyways, I'm gonna go stare and woo at mama until she brushes me. After all, if I'm going to the park today I've got to look my best! Woo at you doggies later!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Oops! I knew I had been away a long time, but I didn't think I had been gone this long! I see that I got Christmas tagged by Holly, Waylon, and Beasley, but it's a little late to play now. So sorry guys (and gal)!
The trip back to VA was uneventful, I slept a lot, and mama made sure not to leave any yummy tasting things on the seat when she went into the human potty place, so I didn't get to snag anything. Drat!

Mama took lots of new pictures of me back in November, so I'm going to share them with you guys here in this post. Now, I'm not pointing any fingers or anything....but someone's getting the blame for these pics! Mama said all her boxer buds looked so cool in their clothes that she just had to take some pics of me in human attire too. If I wasn't so humiliated I would have chewed her feet up!

Daddy's mama came to visit from Kansas (where's that? Is there snow?) for Christmas, and it set my whole world topsy turvey. I was the same laid back fella I always am, but I didn't eat much and I even threw up one morning on my potty walkie. That scared mama, and she kept a close eye on me, but I didn't repeat that little episode. Poor mama was already so stressed because she's never met daddy's mama, and she was really scared that daddy's mama wouldn't like her. I think she's over that now, even though she hid from her the morning daddy went back to work. Daddy's mama was lecturing mama about the one drink she had with dinner the night before.....then daddy's mama apologized in the morning and then lectured her all over again. She lectured her on a couple different topics that morning, mama couldn't wait to escape outside with me!

Despite the whole thing stressing me out, and making me lose my appetite, I liked daddy's mama just fine! She said I was a really nice doggy, and made sure to give me lots of hugs and pets. I was a little offended for my Siberian kin, as daddy's mama said she was surprised I was a nice doggy. She insisted that Sibes are mean nasty doggies, and that we kill kids. Um....hello? We're pack animals! A nasty Sibe would make a horrible sled dog, wouldn't it? Mama and daddy tried to tell her otherwise, but she wasn't having any of it. She did like me though, so that's a good thing. She didn't even care that I shed all over her clothes!

Mama took me to PetSmart last week, and guess what?! I got to meet Dex, the super cute Great Dane puppy! His mama and my mama talk on that boxer forum that they're both addicted to (that's why my blog is un-updated....she won't leave her desk!) and they agreed to meet at PetSmart since I was all out of Nutro Ultra anyways. We were hanging out by the bones, and I didn't much care for that puppy sniffing MY bones, so I had to growl at him when he did. Mama kept pulling me away and telling me those weren't my bones. Who says? I found them, they're mine! I was a good boy otherwise though, no howling or trying to play with other dogs. I didn't even try to play with Dex, we pretty much ignored each other. This is the second time I've been a really good boy at PetSmart, mama's very pleased. Now, we all know I'm just biding my time for the most embarassing moment possible, right? I must say, us two handsome devils attracted just about every single person in PetSmart. That's what happens when you get two gorgeous boys together at once!I do have some other good news to report. Remember in this post where I complained about the rowing machine being in the middle of the living room? Well, it's been relocated to the guest bedroom, hooray! We also got new furniture for the living room, and a new dining table. Mama and daddy got two of those cool Tempurpedic mattresses too; one for their bedroom and one for the guest bedroom. I'm not allowed on them though, but that's okay. I've never been allowed on the furniture. The closest I get is when mama invites me up on her lap, but that's really only halfway on the furniture since my hind legs are still on the floor. Now if we could just get rid ofthe old furniture! The old loveseat is in the dining area, the chair is in the computer room, and the old corner table is in the guest bedroom. Mama put the stuff up on some website called "craigslist" and had people contact her about it, but nobody ever followed through. I think mama's gonna call some Army people (Salivation Army?) and see if they'll come get it.

Anyhoo, I can't think of anything else that's new, but if I do I'll grab mama by the hair and drag her away from the desk so I can tell ya'll all about it!