Monday, June 11, 2007


Now just how do I get all of my fluff out of this thing? Anybody got any plans?

Yes, I know my humans have been lazy about putting their winter clothing in the closet where it belongs. Mama is scatterbrained.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Blame Mama!

It's been a long time since I updated this thing (again), but this time it's not my fault! I swear! Mama was having all sorts of issues with MY 'puter, it wasn't installin stuff anymore and Daddy said it was missing some critical files. Plus one of Mama's hard drives died, so first she spent a week using some program to get all her files off the dead hard drive. Yep, a week. The drive that died was 160gig and almost full. Anyways, so after that she reinstalled Windows and everything else. Plus she got a fancy new 500gig drive to put my pictures on. During all this time I just could NOT blog! Mama said no!

Anyways, everything's fine now and my pictures aren't lost to oblivion

While I was on hiatus I went to go see the vet. He was a nice vet, but rude too. First he stuck this stick up my hiney, and it wasn't no thermometer either. He wanted some of my poops. Well he coulda asked and I woulda obliged him, but nooooo he wanted to use that stupid stick. And then when I tried to lay down for some belly rubs he just laughed and said that part came later, but for now he wanted to listen to my heart. Ugh. My heart's fine, rub my belly! Then they stole some of my blood and poked me again for a shot. The vet check my hips too, and awooooooo! My hips are in perfect working order!

The really really bad part of that whole visit was that Mama asked him to trim my claws! Can you believe it? I thought she loved me! They lifted me up on that table and layed me down on my side. I tried not to let them do it, but they overpowered me. It took fur-ever! Mama said if I would quit struggling so hard it would be done quicker, but no way no how! I didn't want him messin with my claws!

The bad news is I gotta go back to the vet for him to do stuff with my teeth. Apparently my teeth are in really bad shape and he's got to knock me out to fix them otherwise they're going to start falling out soon. That would ruin my handsome smile!

The vet man has Sibes too, so he loved me! He said we're the favorite in that office. Wooo wooo woooo!

I'll write more later!