Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's been a while......

Yeah, I know I haven't been around in a long time. It's Mama's fault. You see, she went and got this job thing because Daddy says she needs to get out more. So she got a job at the local Petsmart. It's kind of nice because she brings me all sorts of things like toys and yummy treats, but she won't let me blog unsupervised. She said there's tons of mean predator type people who'd love to take advantage of me. What so wrong with predators? I'm a predator! I guess I must be thinking of a different type.

You guys remember me talking about Max, the husky puppy that lives by me? Well, we haven't seen him for at least 6 months now. When Mama talked to the human, it was pretty obvious that he didn't know anything about us Huskies. Mama thinks they "got rid of him." Poor Max! We did see the man with some scraggly rat looking dog recently. Ugh!

Hey, check this out. Isn't this the biggest bully stick you've ever seen??! That's right, 30 inches of yummy bully! Don't I look downright ecstatic? I gotta admit, it's taking me forever to eat it though. It's been about a month since Mama brought it home and I have probably 3/4 of it left. I'm just not a power chewer. Part of the problem is that I need my teeth worked on. Mama took me to the vet today to make an appointment for my teeth. The vet says I'll have to go nite-nite for them to do it, and then I'll need antibiotics. He was checking me all over, and when he got to my bladder I couldn't help it. It just hurt so bad I yelped! Then he checked a few more times to make sure, and then he told my Mama that he needs to do a "urinalysis." I've never had one of those before, I wonder what it is? I guess I'll find out tomorrow, cuz Mama said something about stealing some of my urine. What's she mean by that? I need all my urine to leave pee-mail on the bushes and trees. She can't just go around stealing it!

At least the vet peoples gave me lots of cookies, so I forgave them for poking and prodding me.

I mentioned before that Mama worked at Petsmart and that I got perks from it. Check this out!It's me! Well, not really. He's probably my cousin 8x removed or something. But isn't he cute? Mama took me to the store on her day off just to buy him. I guess she was buying him for herself. She was stupid and squeaked it though. All things that squeak are mine, even though I don't really play. If I'm all energetic from coming in from outside in the cold then I'll play if Mama squeaks the stuffy and tosses him. I like to keep my toys hidden behind the dining room table though. They're just safer there.

Here I am attacking my stuffy:

And here I am taking him to his safe spot behind the dining room table:

And then here's some pictures that Mama took last week when we were outside. I had just woken up, so I had to get some good stretching in first. Then we were off.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this. I got new food! I used to eat Wellness, but Mama went food shopping at the new store that just opened up ( DogGone Natural) and she got me a grainless kibble. She got me a bag of Orijen, which I really really like, and some Innova Evo 95% beef and 95% duck canned food. It's good good stuff! Yum yum! Mama was really really pleased with the store, as was I. The lady gave me all sorts of yummy homemade cookies, and she even packed a bunch in a doggy bag for me. She told me "Shhh pretty boy, we'll keep this between you and me." Mama says they have a very limited selection, but what they have is really good. Evo, Orijen, Timberwolf Organics, California Natural, Merrick, and Canidae. They also have premade raw. It didn't feel like a store at all! It had a coffee shop vibe according to Mama. I myself have never been to a coffee shop so I'll just have to take her word. Mama hopes that this store is a success because the only other stores that sell the good foods also sell puppies which leaves Mama in a huge moral quandry. Plus this store is the only one that sells Orijen in our area. There's only 3 stores in Virginny that sell it, so if they closed then we couldn't buy it anymore.

I'll try to post some more tomorrow after I find out what this whole "urinalysis" thing is all about.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!

Yeah yeah, I know I'm a boy and am not supposed to be "pretty" but who cares! People are always telling me what a "pretty girl" I am, and I'm secure in my masculinity so I can be pretty if I wanna!

Just a few days ago a little girl came up to me and asked my Mama what my name was. Then she said I looked like a girl (HMPH!). Mama said I was definitely a boy, and the little girl retorted with "I say he looks like a pretty little girl." Silly child!

Just when you think you've heard it all, someone comes up with a real doozy. Someone actually asked if I was a Great Pyrenees! Can you believe it?! I couldn't, and neither could my Mama. I mean come on.....usually I'm mistaken for a German Shepherd and that's bad enough. I look nothing like a shepherd dang it! A Pyr is even farther away. I only weigh 55 pounds, my ears stand up, and I've got much shorter hair than any Pyr I've ever met.

Daddy and Mama have left me all by myself a lot the past few weeks and I'm none too pleased about it. Daddy's Daddy was here for a week 2 weeks ago and they spent almost everyday in DC doing the touristy thing with Daddy's Daddy (my GrandDaddy?). That's okay though, it gave me lots of time to sleep and dream of bunny killin. Then a few days ago Daddy and Mama went away again to go watch fireworks in DC. They were going to take me with them, but they decided to take the train instead of drive so I couldn't come. I'm pretty miffed about that since Mama said there was lots of other dogs there, and I really would have liked to woo at them. Daddy said that next year they'll probably drive and I can go.The pictures I've posted on this entry are shots that Daddy took of me on the Fourth of July while he was testing out his new tripod. I think they turned out really good, I look like a model! Mama got a new camera too, so she'll probably be taking lots of pictures and videos of me. She didn't do many videos before because her old camera didn't take videos with sound. What's the point of that?

Monday, June 11, 2007


Now just how do I get all of my fluff out of this thing? Anybody got any plans?

Yes, I know my humans have been lazy about putting their winter clothing in the closet where it belongs. Mama is scatterbrained.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Blame Mama!

It's been a long time since I updated this thing (again), but this time it's not my fault! I swear! Mama was having all sorts of issues with MY 'puter, it wasn't installin stuff anymore and Daddy said it was missing some critical files. Plus one of Mama's hard drives died, so first she spent a week using some program to get all her files off the dead hard drive. Yep, a week. The drive that died was 160gig and almost full. Anyways, so after that she reinstalled Windows and everything else. Plus she got a fancy new 500gig drive to put my pictures on. During all this time I just could NOT blog! Mama said no!

Anyways, everything's fine now and my pictures aren't lost to oblivion

While I was on hiatus I went to go see the vet. He was a nice vet, but rude too. First he stuck this stick up my hiney, and it wasn't no thermometer either. He wanted some of my poops. Well he coulda asked and I woulda obliged him, but nooooo he wanted to use that stupid stick. And then when I tried to lay down for some belly rubs he just laughed and said that part came later, but for now he wanted to listen to my heart. Ugh. My heart's fine, rub my belly! Then they stole some of my blood and poked me again for a shot. The vet check my hips too, and awooooooo! My hips are in perfect working order!

The really really bad part of that whole visit was that Mama asked him to trim my claws! Can you believe it? I thought she loved me! They lifted me up on that table and layed me down on my side. I tried not to let them do it, but they overpowered me. It took fur-ever! Mama said if I would quit struggling so hard it would be done quicker, but no way no how! I didn't want him messin with my claws!

The bad news is I gotta go back to the vet for him to do stuff with my teeth. Apparently my teeth are in really bad shape and he's got to knock me out to fix them otherwise they're going to start falling out soon. That would ruin my handsome smile!

The vet man has Sibes too, so he loved me! He said we're the favorite in that office. Wooo wooo woooo!

I'll write more later!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My Sore Foot

Been a long time since I posted, but I just haven't had much to write about lately. Last week Mama noticed I was limping, and when she looked she saw I had a raw spot on my pad. She watched it, and the next morning I was licking it constantly cuz it was botherin me. Well, Mama insisted it was getting worse and my licking was what was doing it (she's so dumb). You dogs know what she did? She put something called Neosporin on it and wrapped it up! That's right! She wrapped my leg from the knee down! I looked like the biggest dork on the planet, because not only did she wrap it, she wrapped it in HOT PINK vetrap stuff. Now...tell me how rediculous I looked being all white with a HOT PINK leg!

I tried to protest by wooing and showing her that there really was no way I could possibly lie down like that. I tried and tried, laying down except for that one leg, and then getting up again and wooing at her. You know what she did? Huh? She ignored me! She didn't even look at me. Well, the dramatic response wasn't working, so I finally gave in and just lay down.

It was sooo embarassing, the other dogs were making fun of me big time! I couldn't even go outside without stupid humans asking what was wrong with me. So much for being incognito in my dorkiness. Ugh.

Anyways, after a couple days of the neosporin she decided my foot needed to dry out, and the neosporin wasn't working for that particular purpose. She started cleaning it with peroxide (ouch!) and then putting gold bond powder on it per one very experienced human's suggestion.

It's been a week now and I've been bandage free for a few days. It's still a little tender, but I'm not licking it anymore and it's healing. She still puts the peroxide on it every day, but it's getting better.

I better be getting mucho dog park time for this!

Monday, April 16, 2007

I got attacked!

That's right, attacked!

It was super windy outside yesterday (and today) and Mama and me were outside doing a potty break. Apparently there was a cat about, but I didn't see it. Mama saw it, but he went away and she didn't see where it went to.

So there I was, innocently poking around a bush, and I went to claim it as mine......and then WHACK! This cat exploded from the bushes and attacked my undercarriage! No worries, nothing's hurt but my pride, but gee whiz I wish I didn't have that stupid leash on. That cat would have paid!

Then later on that night on another potty walk, I saw what looked like a white bunny hopping around the grass. Of course I went to immediate "I'm gonna kill you" mode. Bunny hopped away out of my sight, so I went back to what I was doing. Out of sight, out of mind ya know. Anywoo......I was in full on squat doing my business when it came back! I was doing the potty shuffle chasing after that bunny....and I couldn't figure out what was making my Mama laugh like she was going to fall down. I didn't catch the bunny. Later on I heard Mama tell Daddy that I was chasing a plastic bag. Hmph! In my defense, it was moved....and it very well could have been a bunny.

Speaking of Daddy, he's gone right now. He had to go some place called "New York" again for work. He's gonna be gone until Friday. He did this a few weeks ago too. I don't like it when he goes away, but at least I got my Mama. I like her better anyways!

Mama says if it ever stops raining that I can go to the dog park. I'm not gonna hold my breath.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Eating Bunnies day....

Woo! I hope all you guys had a great Eating Bunnies day (sometimes humans get it right with these holidays)! I didn't get no chocolate, and I didn't get no ham either! Not fair! I reallllllly wanted some ham, but Mama said it's too salty and this ham had something called honey and brown sugar on it too, and apparently I couldn't even have any of that! Would you believe there wasn't even a bunny to be found? Not a real one anyways, just a big chocolate one that Mama got for Daddy and of course I wasn't allowed anywhere near him. Humans are so stupid! Why have a holiday called Eating Bunnies day and then not eat any fluffy hoppity bunnies?

Mama and Daddy ate their foods at that table thingy, and they never ever do that! I had to watch. I put my face right on that table thing next to Daddy, and the next thing you know Mama's pointing to a corner and telling me to go! Can you believe it? They weren't eating on the couch like they always do. I thought there were different rules with this table thing. I thought that maybe Mama was going to quit being stupid and give me some of that yummy ham while I was in the other room, so I happily trotted off to await the bounty. I STILL didn't get no ham, and it smelled sooooo good too. She tricked me!

I'm going to have to put up more of a protest on next year's Eating Bunnies day.

On a side note, I got to go to the dog park yesterday again! Besides me, there were 5 labs and an adorable (according to Mama) terrier mix named Flip. And guess what? One of the labs was a real life seeing eye dog! His human wasn't completely blind, he could see me and him and Mama had a real good conversation about me and how gorgeous (duh) I am. I had lots of fun romping and chasing that dog, but he was all business once he got his harness back on. He didn't even look at me when I wooed at him as he was walking away.

There was a human man there who was eating a candy bar, and even though I stood right in front of him and stared and stared....he didn't share! Mama was shocked, cuz I don't usually beg like that with her and Daddy. The man just kept turning and walking away from me (rude rude rude) so I had to keep following him and staring. His dog must get lots of foods, cuz she looked like a sofa cushion (Lab). She had big fat rolls coming out from under her harness. She was really lazy too, I thought maybe she was an old dog. Turns out she is only 6! I don't know why the man would want to feed her stuff and then ignore me when I was staring at him so intently. I even wagged my tail and kept all 4 feet on the ground. I didn't even woo for his attention! He should have appreciated my polite begging and given me just a taste!

Speaking of yummy foods, Mama brought some of my liver treats to the park to give me for when she calls me and I actually come to her. Usually I stay away from Mama in the park cuz I never know when she's going to hook the leash up and take me home. If I want some attention I'll just go up to the other peoples. Unfortunatly all the other dogs could smell the treats in her pocket. She managed to give me a few, but she ended up just handing them out to all the other dogs (she asked their peoples first). She did insist that they sit nicely for them though. She also says that's the last time she brings yummy things to the park, although she did enjoy handing them out.

Anywoo, I'm still tired from the park, so I'm going back to my "coma."

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Holly told me that I hadn't posted since Febroooary, and I gotta admit I didn't think it had been THAT long! Sure enough, I look and Febroooary 28th was the last time I blogged. So sorry about that.
Mama made me go back to Michigan with her for the last time (so she says, been saying that) and finish up stuff at the house. I guess Daddy's friend's son is going to be living in our old house for a while, and Mama had to throw a bunch of stuff in the attic to get it out of the way so he could move in.

I've been goin to the dog park once or twice a week and having a blast. Mama's tryin to ruin my fun now, because I recently discovered how much fun it is to hump other dogs....not every dog.....I just choose one dog and focus on him. Mama ends up shadowing this other dog so she can stop me. Usually I know if she makes that "ah ah" sound that means she knows what I'm thinkin and I better stop thinkin it. She still has to pull me off sometimes though, and that's when she makes me go home. Something about humping being rude and if I'm gonna do it I can't stay. For some reason it's always an intact male yellow lab that's got my interest. Mama thinks it's cuz I was influenced by a yellow lab one day at the park, and now I'm fixated on them. Nah, I just like 'em cuz they're yella.

Hey guys, guess what's black and white and fluffy all over? Give up? It's the totally cute husky puppy at our apartment complex! I haven't gotten to meet him yet, just woo at him from a distance. His human always takes the puppy back inside before he can woo back at me, and I don't think that's very social of him! Mama wants to talk to the man to make sure he really knows what he's in for since us northern breeds are "special." Mama always gets scared when she sees someone with a husky pup since so many peoples aren't educated on huskies, they just know they're adorable (duh). So far Mama's had no luck with this man, but she's not giving up yet.

Speaking of puppies, my favorite puppy (other than the little husky puppy I haven't met yet) is a little 4 month old pup named Charlie. I go crazy for him! Mama doesn't know what he is, he kind of looks like a golden, but he's got speckled legs like he might have some english setter, and a cute white splotch on the top of his head. He's not very big though for a 4 month old, so he might have some cocker in him too. Anyways, he's lots of fun for me to romp with, he gets me all riled up! His humans can't keep him away from me, he just drags them on over. It kind of annoys Mama because she's still working on my "self control" and it's hard to maintain what progress she's working on when all of a sudden there's a pup jumping on my head. Charlie's human man lost his collar one day and so he just let Charlie run around outside without his leash. The problem was we were outside when Charlie came bursting out the door and jumped on my face. I didn't like that very much, but I just told that rambunctious pup to learn some manners. Head jumping is not acceptable in my book!

The weather here is getting too hot for me, and Mama says we might not be able to go to the dog park as often because she says I don't drink enough water there when I'm hot. It's been 80 degrees a few times here already, and Mama doesn't like to take me to the park too much when it's over 70 because she's afraid I'll overheat. I don't drink enough water and I don't know when to stop. It got cold again the past two days though, so I'm hoping for some dog park trips this week! I can't go more than twice a week, and my trips have to be spaced 4 days apart otherwise I get sore and gimpy.

Anywoo, I just wanted to reassure everyone that I'm doing okay. I know I promised this before, but I really will try to keep this thing more updated. I just don't always have much to write about.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dog park fun

As promised, Mama took me to the dog park yesterday where I got to run and run for two whole hours! Technically I ran out of gas after the first hour, but I got a fresh burst of energy with every new dog who entered.
I got to play with two boxers, a dogue de bordeaux (Mama says she was frickin cool,whatever that means....I thought it was too warm out myself), a ginormous doberman who was twice my size, a small shiba inu looking thing, a brittany, a border collie, two greyhound crosses and some other dogs I don't remember. I was the only Husky though, I'm always the only Husky.
I did get into a scuffle with one of the boxers, he thought I wanted his frisbee and he snarled and bit me and his human had to pull him off of me and then he threw the stupid ol frisbee over the fence so the dumb boxer wouldn't attack me again. I don't think all boxers are stupid, just ones that think I want their dumb ol toys and then bite me. I've got a whole stack of toys at home that have never had a drop of my saliva on them, I don't need some chewed up plastic frisbee.
All the snow was melted. Mama had hoped the snow would still be there so I could romp in it, but the other humans said the snow melted fast. It was wet and a little muddy, but I didn't care. I usually HATE getting my feety-feets wet, but I was having so much fun running that I didn't care. My nice white coat turned into a dingy grey, but it's nice and clean again now after a little self grooming.
I'm sorry there's no pictures, but you guys can blame Mama for that. She did take the camera, but she forgot to check the batteries before we left and they were dead! Dead! She never gets pictures of me in the park, she always forgets the camera and the one time she remembered it the stupid batteries were dead. I don't know what I'm going to do with her. On a good note, after running and romping and jumping and chasing for two whole hours, I'm not sore a bit! Woooooooooooooooooo! I am tired though, Daddy called me a dead dog all night cuz I couldn't be bothered to move. I was too tired to even lift my head up.

To make up for the lack of pictures from the park, I'm posting pictures of me chewing on a super yummy bullystick ring! Mmmmmm bullystick....

Oh yeah, I updated my link list, please make sure to drop by D'Azul Siberians, Fargo, Franki, Sitka & Tia, and Maverick's blogs if you haven't already. They're super cool!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ice, Snow, and Warm Weather

I've decided I don't like this Virginny place very much. There's not nearly enough snow to suit me! I heard Mama say that our old house had TONS of snow, and that makes me mad! It's been much too warm here, and everytime we get a little bit of snow it goes away in a few days. NOT COOL! We had a big ice storm on that Valentine's Day holiday, the weather people on TV said we got 3 inches of "sleet." Let me tell you, I don't like that sleet stuff AT ALL! I kept slipping and sliding when I was trying to go potty (I was doing a #2 and was sliding backwards!), and I kept falling when I was trying to walk around. And forget about trying to go any faster, I ended up banging my chin into the ice more times than I could count. Mama took some pictures of me outside after it started to warm up and the ice was melting. She also took some pictures that same day of her breaking the cardinal Siberian rule.....she let go of my leash to get some good pictures. No worries though, Mama was only a few feet away from me and I would have had to get past her to go anywhere.

We got more snow a few days ago, I think Mama said we got about 4 inches. It's starting to melt though, the weather outside never really went below 32 degrees, and it was 40 degrees yesterday. It supposed to be even warmer today, like 47 degrees. Mama said she's going to take me to the dog park today to play before it all completely melts. It's almost all slush now, but I'm still going to enjoy it.

Speaking of the dog park, you might remember that I talked about hurting my leg in my last post while I was at the dog park. My leg's been all better for a while, but Mama kept putting off taking me to the park just to make sure. Everytime it looked like my leg was better I would do something and hurt it all over again. It hasn't hurt me in a long time now, so Mama says it's safe for me to go back to the park if I promised not to overdo it again. I don't know what she means, overdo what? Oh well, if it gets me to the park I'll say whatever she wants me to say.

Anyways, Mama said she'll take me to the park when she's done with housework. I'm gonna go make sure she actually does the housework so we can leave!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Recovered from the humiliation

Okay folks, after what Mama did to my gorgeous pictures, I had to go hide for a little bit and recover. I'm back now though!

I'm back in Virginny now, me and Mama got back over a week ago. We were supposed to be back a week before we did come back, but Mama had something called the "flu" and she was horkin up constantly! During that time I didn't get nooooo cuddles on the floor. I was so bummed I didn't even spend much time out in the snow! Even though the dog door was open and I coulda gone out anytime I wanted to, I just stayed in the room Mama was sleepin in and slept in my bed.

We went to the dog park a week ago (BTW, there's still no snow here!), but we were only there a half hour and I started limpin. My left foreleg hurt real bad. I was holding it up when I was holding still, but I wasn't done playing yet! I woulda kept on playing and playing for another hour if Mama had let me, but nooooooooooo she put the leash on me and we left. Ugh.

I started feeling better in a few days, but then we went on a walk and when we came back inside I ran around the inside of the house like a crazy dog, and you guessed it.....limping again. More than I was before. Mama gave me some aspirin (in a hotdog, mmmmmmm hotdog!), but that didn't last long. During the big football game I horked up all my foods, and Mama thought the aspirin was bothering my tummy so she didn't give me no more aspirin. I'm still a little sore, but I'm not really limping anymore. I gotta hurry up and get better so Mama will take me to the dog park again! Mama says I need to learn to take it a little bit easier and not push myself more than my body can take......puh-leeze! What does SHE know?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

She did it again!

Holly dear, this isn't your fault. Mama would have just seen it on someone else's blog and done it anyways. That being said, SHE DID IT AGAIN!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

I've been humiliated!

Now, I've got nothing against pirates. In fact, I like pirates a lot. However, I feel that my impersonation of a pirate isn't nearly up to real pirate standards. Captain Maverick would understand of course. You all have Holly's people to thank for this. I'm going to go attempt to find this freakin parrot and defeather him!

Grumble grumble....first she makes me wear a sweatshirt, then she gives me a bath, and now this....Grumble grumble

Poseidon the Red


We got to our old house in Michigan Monday night, and when Mama let me out of the car I saw....SNOW! WooWoo!!!!! Mama had to practically drag me from the car to the house because I wanted to play. I didn't think that was very nice, but Mama kept mumbling something about it being eleven o'clock at night and her being tired. I didn't care, there is SNOW here! She opened up my doggy door though, and I slept all night out in the snow. Who needs a comfy bed? I had the best bed outside in the cold fluffy white stuff.Mama took me out in the big yard yesterday (my fenced part isn't very big) and let me run around. She left her regular digi cam in Virginny, but she got some decent pictures of me romping in the snow with her cell phone. She got some video too, but she needs to convert the video to another format and she doesn't have that software on Daddy's laptop.

All I've got to say is it's about time we saw snow! Mama's not too happy, she hates snow, but she likes seeing me happy with it. Too bad we're going back to Virginny on Tuesday, there's no snow there yet!

Oh! I forgot to tell you guys.....on our first stop during the long drive to MI, I PEED on my Mama's shoe! I was sniffing around, trying to find the perfect spot and I've tried to pee on Mama before and for some reason she won't let me. Anyways, I saw her looking at something and I figured that was my chance. She jumped backwards so fast when she felt me peeing on her shoe, it was hilarious! Of course I couldn't laugh at her because I had to act like it was an accident. Otherwise she definitely wouldn't accidently leave yummy things within my reach.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Good and the Bad

Okay folks, I've had a good week and a bad week.

The good part was that on Tuesday mama finally got me my Virginny license! She took me with her to the doggy license place, and then she put the license on me and......wait for it........she took me to the DOG PARK! Wooooooo! That's right, uh huh, oh yeah! Sorry there's no pictures, but mama didn't bring the camera with us because she didn't want to be distracted with the camera seeing as how this was my first visit to the park. She wanted to make sure I was a good boy. We were there for a whole hour and a half, and I ran and ran and ran and ran get the point. There was about 10 other dogs there, and I got to run with ALL of them, it was great! There were two beagles, those guys are funny. They don't bark, but they don't howl like a proper dog should either. That's right, I think all dogs should woo and talk like us huskies do! This one beagle, he kept going up to all the other dogs, one at a time, and doing what mom called "baying." If a doggy wasn't playing with him, he'd just stand in front of them and bay at them. Then he'd make his way to the next doggy. I had so much fun guys, I just can't believe mom finally took me to the park! Let's see who else I can remember.......there was a boxer pup, an american bulldog, a sheltie (who stuck to herself on one end cuz she was scared), a bearded collie, a lab pup (alll legs and big paws), the two beagles, a beagle mix, a border collie, a bull terrier/pit cross (she was like a tank!) and a couple other dogs I can't remember.
I can't wait to go again, mama says she might take me later on today, and this time she'll bring the camera with her. I was sooooo tired Tuesday night and most of Wednesday, I didn't do anything but sleep the whole time. I couldn't even be bothered to raise my head to look at mama when she talked to me. The sleepy pictures I posted are ones mama took of me all tuckered out from the park.

And then there's the bad part of my week.....

Mama gave me a BATH yesterday! Oh yes she did, the evil evil woman! She said I was filthy (yeah, like she knows?), and I haven't had a bath since the summer. I'd like to know what gives humans the right to just throw us in the tub? Just because they feel a need to bathe every day and wash off their natural scent, doesn't mean we have to too! I have to admit, I had to laugh a little bit when mama spent 15 minutes trying to get my undercoat soaked by pouring cup fulls of water on me. She left the evil shower sprayer attachment in MI, so she had to use the cup. She realized that wasn't going to work, so she ended up turning on the shower and getting in with me! Eeeeek! Here I thought she would just give up and let me out. Hrmph! Don't be fooled by the pictures, I may have looked docile but I kept trying to creep to the edge of the tub to make my escape! Even if that escape would have only been as far as the big room mama calls a "closet."

Of course I spent lots of time grooming myself when she finally let me out, because I was alll wet (ewwwwww) and my coat was all messed up too. I tried to demand that mama brush me, but she said no brushing until I was dry. She never brushes me when I'm wet, always saying something about breaking hairs off. Hopefully she brushes me this morning, I was still damp last night when mama and daddy went to sleep.

Anyways, I'm gonna go stare and woo at mama until she brushes me. After all, if I'm going to the park today I've got to look my best! Woo at you doggies later!