Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye Poseidon

I know Po hasn't updated his blog in quite some time, so I doubt he has any readers left. Poseidon departed for the bridge at 5:30pm on December 19, 2010.

Much had happened with his health over the past two years. Last October he had a seizure in the middle of the night and was rushed to the emergency vet. He was still seizing when we got there. He was put on valium, and was pretty out of it. He'd had some issues with his liver, so the first thing they did once the seizing was under control was to ultrasound his liver. They also did a spinal tap and an MRI. The final diagnosis was "Old dog vestibular disease" which is basically vertigo. He didn't eat or walk for 2 weeks and dropped a lot of weight but he ended up being fine in the long run, if a little bit uncoordinated.

Over the past few months he's shown signs of losing his sight and hearing, and being more and more uncoordinated. He'd trip over little things. He started showing signs of cognitive dysfunction (the MRI at the E-vet also showed brain atrophy). He'd stand in the corner of a room and just look lost. Standing and walking got harder. The evening of the 18th he wasn't able to stand up at all and the decision was made to send him to the bridge the next day.

It was a good run old boy, there never was a better dog.

(1993? - December 19, 2010)


Holly and Khady said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry! I would always check in from time to time to see if you had any updates. I'm so sorry to hear of this final one. What a long and wonderful life you had Po!

May you run free in your grand Silver Harness.

Gogspeed handsome Poseidon.


ra husky said...

Soft husky woooos mates,

RA & ISis

Adam O said...

Goodbye Poseidon, I just found this, but your gone, are you with my pups? Awooooo!